3D Engine

3D Engine

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  • Polaroid 3D PlaySmart Printer
  • Computer
  • Polaroid SmartPrep software
  • STL files (Can be downloaded from the Polaroid 3D model library via the Polaroid SmartPrep software)
  • SD Card or USB Stick


  1. Open the Polaroid SmartPrep software, and select the 'Library' button. This will take you to the Polaroid model library, where you can download the Engine stl files.
  2. Open the files into Polaroid SmartPrep separately by clicking 'Add Model', then selecting the file you want to open. Ensure that the model is green, showing that it is printable. Make sure the model sits flat on the bed using the rotation buttons on the right-hand side, if necessary, and then select 'Place on Desktop'.
  3. Click on 'Print' at the top of the screen. Ensure that next to 'Filament Material', you have selected the correct filament that you are going to print in from the drop down, and the 'Print Quality' setting set to Normal.
  4. Select the 'Advanced Settings' button, under Model Base ensure that 'Brim' is selected from the drop down. Then select 'OK'.
  5. Click on the green 'Print' button, and SmartPrep will then estimate the time that the model will take to print and give you an estimation of the amount of filament that will be needed, giving you the opportunity to confirm that you have enough on your cartridge before you begin.
  6. Save the sliced model to your SD Card or USB.
  7. Repeat these steps for the rest of the parts for the Engine.
  8. Load the filament into the printer. Place your filament cartridge on the Polaroid Precise Filament Holder & Scale, break off the end of the filament, as instructed in the User Guide for your Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer, and insert it into the filament feeder until you can see 2cm of filament in the PTFE tube.
  9. Select the 'Filament' tab on the LCD screen, and then press 'Load'. The printer will take a few minutes to heat up, and then will load your filament automatically. Carefully remove the excess filament from the nozzle once the filament has finished loading.
  10. Make sure that your Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Printer is correctly calibrated and leveled. You can do this by going to the Settings menu and select 'Bed Leveling', and follow the on screen instructions. Then perform the 'Bed Calibration', and follow the on screen instructions for this also. (If you need further assistance with this, there are tutorial videos available on the Polaroid 3D YouTube channel).
  11. Insert your SD Card or USB into the corresponding port below the LCD screen on the printer. Select 'New Print' at the top of the LCD screen, select whether you are printing from USB or SD Card, and then select the file to print.
  12. Press confirm and your model will start to print. You will see the estimated time to print in the top right-hand corner.
  13. When your model has finished printing, allow the bed to cool down below 30 degrees before removing your model from the print bed.
  14. Repeat these steps for the rest of the Engine parts.
  15. Remove the brim from the models but pulling it off.
  16. Use the assembling instructions to build the engine.


  • Print the parts in various different colors.

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