3D Pen Floating Candles

3D Pen Floating Candles

by Polaroid |

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  • Polaroid Play 3D Pen
  • Empty kitchen roll/carboard tube
  • LED tea lights
  • Fishing wire
  • Polaroid 3D White PLA Filament
  • Tape


  1. Cut the cardboard tube down to the size of candle that you want. You can do multiple ones at different lengths if you wish.

  2. Put the LED tea light into one end of the tube. Use glue to hold it in place if the tea light is too small for the tube.

  3. Cut a length of fishing wire or string and attach it with tape to the top of the candle on both sides. This will be the hanger for the candle, so make sure you have secured it evenly on both sides.

  4. Plug your Polaroid Play 3D pen to a 5V 2A adapter.

  5. Press the 'On' button once, and the LED light will turn Red, indicating that the pen is heating up. When the light turns Blue, this indicates that the pen is ready to use.

  6. When the pen is ready to use, insert the Polaroid 3D White PLA filament into the end of the pen and select the draw button once. This will start to draw the filament into the pen and will then begin to extrude. Once the filament begins to extrude, press the draw button again to stop extruding. (Alternatively if you wish to you can press and hold the draw button to extrude and then release to stop extruding).

  7. Draw over the cardboard tube, covering it completely in the White PLA filament, ensuring that you also cover the parts where the hanging wire is taped and the LED tea light, apart from the 'flame'. Don't cover the bottom as you need access to the tea light switch.

  8. Once your cardboard tube is completely covered, draw drips of wax around the edges to make it look like melting wax. Go over these drips a few times to make them stand out from the candle.

  9. When you've completed your candles, switch on the flame, hang them up and turn off the lights.

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