3D Pen Milk Bottle Ghosts

3D Pen Milk Bottle Ghosts

by Polaroid |

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  • Polaroid Play 3D Pen
  • Empty milk bottles
  • Battery-powered LED fairy lights
  • Batteries for fairy lights
  • Double-sided tape
  • Polaroid 3D Black PLA Filament
  • Scissors or crafting knife


  1. Wash out the empty milk bottles and be sure that they are dry inside.
  2. Put the LED fairy lights into the milk bottle. Cut a small slit in the back top of the bottle for the end of the lights and the battery pack to come out of. Then screw the bottle top back on.
  3. Plug your Polaroid Play 3D pen to a 5V 2A adapter.
  4. Press the 'On' button once, and the LED light will turn Red, indicating that the pen is heating up. When the light turns Blue, this indicates that the pen is ready to use.
  5. When the pen is ready to use, insert the Polaroid 3D Black PLA filament into the end of the pen and select the draw button once. This will start to draw the filament into the pen and will then begin to extrude. Once the filament begins to extrude, press the draw button again to stop extruding. (Alternatively if you wish to you can press and hold the draw button to extrude and then release to stop extruding).
  6. Design and draw, or trace some ghostly faces including eyes and mouth onto the Polaroid 3D screen protector. Allow some time for your designs to dry completely and then pop the designs off the screen protector.
  7. Using double sided tape, stick your ghostly faces onto the milk bottles.
  8. Turn on the Fairy Lights and watch your ghostly decorations glow.

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