3D Pen Pumpkin Lanterns

3D Pen Pumpkin Lanterns

by Polaroid |

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  • Polaroid Play 3D Pen
  • Play-doh® / molding clay
  • Cling film
  • Polaroid 3D Orange PLA Filament
  • Polaroid 3D Dark Green PLA Filament
  • LED Tea lights
  • Pen


  1. Take your play-doh or molding clay and shape it into a pumpkin. This can be any size you want, as long as your LED tea light will fit into the finished pumpkin.
  2. Cover your pumpkin shape in cling film.
  3. Draw a pumpkin face onto the cling film, and a hole on top of the pumpkin. This needs to be big enough to fit your tea light into.
  4. Plug your Polaroid Play 3D pen to a 5V 2A adapter.
  5. Press the 'On' button once, and the LED light will turn Red, indicating that the pen is heating up. When the light turns Blue, this indicates that the pen is ready to use.
  6. When the pen is ready to use, insert the Polaroid 3D Orange PLA filament into the end of the pen and select the draw button once. This will start to draw the filament into the pen and will then begin to extrude. Once the filament begins to extrude, press the draw button again to stop extruding. (Alternatively, if you wish to, you can press and hold the draw button to extrude and then release to stop extruding).
  7. Cover half of the pumpkin completely in the Orange filament, making sure not to color in the face that you have drawn, and the hole at the top - leave these hollow.
  8. Once the first half of the pumpkin has completely hardened, remove from the moulding clay and then cover the other half. Tip - mark where you finished the other half of the pumpkin so that you know where you need to start with the second half.
  9. Remove the second half of the pumpkin from the molding clay and then, holding the two halves together, draw over the join with the pen. Once the filament dries this will stick the two halves together.
  10. Go back to the molding clay pumpkin and draw over the hole that you left at the top.
  11. Press and hold the On/Off button on your pen to retract the Orange Filament and then replace it with your Dark Green filament.
  12. Draw a little stalk on the top of the hole you have covered with the Orange filament.
  13. Once hardened, remove this from the moulding clay.

  14. Turn on the LED tea light and pop it into your pumpkin then place the top of the pumpkin on.
  15. Switch off the lights and watch your pumpkin lanterns light up the room.

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