Acrylic Cabochon Connector Necklace

Acrylic Cabochon Connector Necklace

by Blue Moon Beads |

Item # 4542823P93
Beginner Under 1 Hour



Acrylic cabochon connector (2)

12mm Faceted tear bead (1)

24" Silver chain

4mm Silver jump rings (4)

Silver head pin (1)

Silver lobster clasp (1)

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Wire cutters



1.      Open two jump rings with flat nose pliers and attach one to both ends of one of the cabochon connectors. Close one of the jump rings. Loop the other one through the remaining connector and close using the flat nose pliers.

2.      Thread one tear bead onto a head pin. Thread through the loop of the bottom connector that does not have a jump ring and make a loop using the round nose pliers. Cut off any excess wire using the wire cutters. 

3.      Cut 24” of chain using the wire cutters.  Thread through the loose jump ring on the top cabochon connector.

4.      Open two jump rings with flat nose pliers. Attach one to each side of the chain. Close one of the jump rings.  Attach a lobster clasp to the other jump ring and close the jump ring using the flat nose pliers.

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