Charm Necklace

Charm Necklace

by JOANN |

Item # 261934709P42
Intermediate 3-5 Hours


  • Chain necklace with closure
  • Various sizes of chain (thick and thin)
  • Various charms and beads
  • Chain drop embellishments
  • Jump rings
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers


  1. Cut 4" from the middle of the chain necklace so there is equal distance on either side of the clasp. You can put the chain around your neck to see where the chain hits on your chest. You want the ends to be around your collar bone.
  2. Attach larger chain between the two ends with a jump ring. Cut the larger chain to the desired length where you want the necklace to fall on your chest. Attach both sides of the larger chain with jump rings and complete the chain.
  3. Add a second chain across, slightly shorter or longer than the last, attaching it with the same jump rings to the thinner chain.
  4. Add various charms and chain pieces to the larger part of the chain to create a random feel.

Craft Hack Tips and Tricks:

  • Open and close jump rings by twisting the ring not by pulling the ends apart. This will keep the shape better and makes it easier to line the ends up again.
  • When deciding the lengths, it's a good idea to put the chain around your neck to see where it falls on your chest and gauge lengths on rather than on a flat surface.

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