Clay Apples

Clay Apples

Item # 2665879P10
Advanced 3-5 Hours


  • Clay - 2 pkg. red
  • Small amount of green & brown
  • Tin foil
  • Small detailing tools


  1. Soften then roll 1 package of red clay into a ball.
  2. Shape into an apple with a slight indentation in the top.
  3. With a small amount of green clay, form a leaf - use detailing tool to create lines in leaf.
  4. Place leaf on top of apple.
  5. Use a small amount of brown clay to form a stem, place on apple.
  6. For small apples, repeat above steps using 1/3 of a package of red for each apple.
  7. Place apples on a piece of foil.
  8. Follow manufacturer's directions and bake.

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