Color Pour Resin Earrings

Color Pour Resin Earrings

by American Crafts |

Item # 522173376P303
Intermediate Varies


  • 8oz Resin/Hardener
  • Heat Gun (optional)
  • Supply Kit (optional)
  • Jewelry Molds
  • Transparent Dye Set, Cool
  • 4pk Opaque Dye, Metallic


  1. Prepare workspace (put down a tarp, wear gloves).
  2. Measure equal parts resin and hardener and mix together until the resin is clear with no streaks. Stir slowly to avoid bubbles.
  3. Add transparent dye colors or opaque dye colors to create desired color.
  4. Pour resin into molds.
  5. Use heat gun to help remove any bubbles from resin (optional).
  6. Let the resin cure overnight.
  7. Remove pieces from mold, attach jewelry findings.

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