Crazy Cousin Crew Shirt

Crazy Cousin Crew Shirt

by Cricut |

Item # 412015671P8
Beginner Under 1 Hour


  • Cricut® cutting machine
  • Cricut® StandardGrip mat
  • Cricut Infusible Ink™ transfer sheet- basic shapes sampler
  • Cricut 10"x 12" EasyPress™ 2
  • Cricut EasyPress™ mat 20"x 16"
  • Cricut Infusible Ink™ black & white raglan shirt
  • Cricut® heat-resistant tape
  • Lint roller
  • Tweezers


Go to this project on Cricut Design Space to make this-
Design Space Link

This project makes 8"x 7" t-shirt design. You can customize your project size & text by clicking customize button in the bottom right of the project screen. Hit Make It to make the project as is.

Helpful Instructions here:

Cut & Weed
Note: Before handling Infusible Ink materials, be sure that your hands are dry and free of any oils or lotions.

Place Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto StandardGrip mat, liner side down.

In Design Space, select and size your design to fit on apparel blank. Be sure to Mirror your design.

Select Browse all materials, then Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet. If using a Cricut Explore machine, turn Smart Set Dial to Custom first.
Load mat and blade into machine, then press flashing Go button.
Remove cut design from mat and trim away unused area of sheet.   
Gently roll cut design so cut lines separate and are more visible. "Cracking" the cut this way makes it easier to remove excess paper from in and around your design.
Use your fingers or tweezers to carefully remove negative pieces from in and around your design, leaving design on liner.
Trim clear liner so it does not extend beyond Cricut EasyPress heat plate.

Tip: Now is a good time to prep your Cricut EasyPress. For precise temp, time, and pressure settings for your project, always refer to the Cricut EasyPress Heat Transfer Guide. For this project, set Cricut EasyPress 2 to 400F (205C) and 240 seconds. For original Cricut EasyPress settings, refer to Cricut EasyPress Heat Transfer Guide. 

EasyPress 2 
Preheat 15s 
385F/195C - 40 seconds 
Light pressure 
Warm peel 
EasyPress 1 
Preheat 15s 
360F/185C - 120 seconds
Light pressure 
Warm peel 
Stacking order top to bottom:
Cricut EasyPress 1 or 2 
Butcher paper 
Infusible Ink design, facedown
Cricut wine bag blank 
White cardstock (80 lb/216 gsm) or 4 layers butcher paper
Cricut EasyPress mat 
Other supplies needed: 
Lint roller  

Preheat - Preparation: 
Preheat Cricut EasyPress 1 or 2.
Place pillow sham on clean mat.
Insert cardstock inside pillow sham to prevent bleed through.
Lint roll pillow sham.
Cover pillow sham with butcher paper larger than heat plate.
Preheat pillow sham for 15 seconds.
Remove butcher paper from top of pillow sham.

Place design facedown, liner side up.
Cover with clean butcher paper larger than heat plate.
Press with light pressure at 385F for 60 seconds (EasyPress 2) or 360F for 120 seconds (EasyPress 1).
Slowly lift press.
Remove butcher paper.
Remove liner when cool to touch.

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