Cricut Business Cards

Cricut Business Cards

by Cricut |

Item # 092195446P232
Beginner Under 1 Hour


  • Cricut Joy™
  • Cricut Joy 4 1/2"x 12" LightGrip Mat
  • Cricut Joy .3 Black Pens
  • White Cardstock


  1. If you want to alter the project, select Customize, then use the tools in the Edit panel to make changes before you cut.
  2. Cut
  3. Insert and change your pen when prompted. 
  4. Insert your blade when prompted to cut the images from the cardstock.
  5. Assemble
  6. Carefully peel the mat away from your cardstock cutout.
  7. Tie a string through the hole and onto your gift bag.
  8. Hand write a message if desired or leave blank.

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