Cricut Foil Lotus Box

Cricut Foil Lotus Box

by Cricut |

Item # 332014026P105
Beginner Under 1 Hour
  • Cricut® Cutting Machine
  • Cricut LightGrip Mat
  • Cricut Foil Transfer Tool Housing + Medium Tip
  • Cricut Single Scoring Wheel & Quickswap Housing Or Scoring Stylus
  • Cricut Foil Transfer Sheets, gold
  • Vinyl tape strips
  • Navy cardstock
  • Adhesive for paper

  1. CUT
  2. Insert your scoring tool when prompted.
  3. Insert your Cricut Foil housing with appropriate tip when prompted to foil.
  4. Follow the prompts to place the foil over the area to be foiled on your cardstock, using the vinyl strips or tape to secure the foil, being careful that the vinyl strips do not interfere with the areas to be foiled. 
  5. Remove the foil as prompted and insert the Fine-Point Blade and Housing to cut the box and flower petals from the cardstock.
  7. Fold along the score lines of the box and lid.
  8. Gently curl the tips of the lotus flower with the foil facing out. Assemble the flower, starting with the smallest petals and working outward, using adhesive for paper.
  9. Fold the box and lid into shape and glue the flaps.
  10. Glue the completed flower to the top of the box lid.

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