Fall Apron

Fall Apron

by Cricut |

Item # 302113338P71
Beginner Under 1 Hour


  • Cricut Cutting Machine Wild Rose Air 2
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Standard Grip Mat
  • Cricut Weeder
  • Cricut Easypress 2 10X12"
  • Cricut Easypress mat 20"X16"
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-On Brown
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-On Orange
  • Apron


  1. Go to this project on Cricut Design Space to make this-
  2. HYPERLINK "https://ds4.cricut.com/" l "/design/new/projects/project-detail/5bbb30f1ce733d061a34d9ea?category=All%20Categories&keywords=fall&community=false" https://ds4.cricut.com/#/design/new/projects/project-detail/5bbb30f1ce733d061a34d9ea?category=All%20Categories&keywords=fall&community=false

  3. This project makes a design that is about 9" X 12" You can customize your project size by clicking customize button in the bottom right of the project screen. Hit Make It to make the project as is. You can also choose your own color iron-on for this project as well that suits your preferences.

  4. Add the brown iron- on to Mat 1.
  5. Be sure to mirror this mat.
  6. Select iron-on material and hit the Cricut go button.

  7. Then add the orange iron-on to mat 2.
  8. Be sure to mirror these mats as well before cutting them.
  9. TIP: Cut down the iron-on to the size you need. This will make it easier to iron-on the layered image.
  10. Apply
  11. Weed negative space from words and pumpkins from the cut design.
  12. Place mat under the Apron then align the design on your apron
  13. Follow the EasyPress recommended settings and settings for Everyday-Iron on and cotton base- HYPERLINK "https://home.cricut.com/easypress-heat-settings-guide" https://home.cricut.com/easypress-heat-settings-guide
  14. Apply the iron-on layers to your project using a Cricut EasyPress™ and Cricut EasyPress Mat with our Interactive Guide, linked below, for the perfect time and temp settings; or use a household iron or heat press and a press cloth.??
  15. TIP: If you have never used iron-on material, check out the links below in the More Help section.
  16. If using multiple layers, work in the same order they appear in the Layers panel in Design Space, starting from the bottom layer and working up.

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