Felt Holly Wreath

Felt Holly Wreath

by JOANN |

Item # 392115075P101
Beginner 3-5 Hours


  • Cricut Maker™
  • Felt
  • Pompoms
  • Hot Glue
  • Foam Wreath
  • Iron
  • Scissors


Material: Felt
Pressure: Default
Blade: Rotary Blade
  1. To download the SVG files, to load directly into Cricut Design Space click on the links below.
  2. HOLLY LEAF 1 SVG Click Here
  3. HOLLY LEAF 2 SVG Click Here
  4. Cut out multiple sheets of leaves.
  5. Cut out strips of felt, approximately 2" wide.
  6. Start by hot gluing each strip of felt, slightly overlapping each other to cover the entire wreath.
  7. Start hot gluing each holly leaf onto the wreath alternating and overlapping each to create a natural look.
  8. Continue adding holly leaves until the wreath is covered.
  9. Add red pompoms for the holly berries.

Craft Hack Tips and Tricks:

  • You can use a piece of felt to add a hanger to the back, or you can use a wreath hook to hang.

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