Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

by Crayola |

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Intermediate Varies


  • Crayola® Model Magic
  • Crayola Model Magic Shape N Cut Tools
  • Cookie cutters
  • String


  1. Using Model Magic Shape N Cut Tools, roll out Model Magic about 1/2" thick on a smooth, flat surface.
  2. Use cookie cutter on Model Magic to create ornaments.
  3. Create a small hole close to the top of the ornaments.
  4. Add accents and additional details to ornaments using Model Magic. Dry overnight.
  5. Cut a piece of string, loop it through the hole in each ornament, and tie a knot using both ends.
  6. Hang your Model Magic ornaments around your home or on your tree.

Craft Hack Tips and Tricks:

  • Experiment with different winter-themed cookie cutters like a gingerbread man, snowman, candy cane & more.

  • We used the end of a paint brush to make the hole in the ornament, but you can use other objects like a paper clip, pencil or toothpick.

  • Once your ornament has dried completely, you can also decorate Model Magic with Crayola Paint, Crayola Markers or Crayola Glitter Glue.

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