HWTM Nutcracker Water Bottle

HWTM Nutcracker Water Bottle

by Cricut |

Item # 392043062P104
Beginner Under 1 Hour


  • Cricut Explore Wild Rose Air™ 2 or Cricut Maker™
  • Cricut® LightGrip mats
  • Cricut weeder
  • Cricut patterned vinyl, Mod & Merry
  • Cricut vinyl: white, pink, gold, red
  • Cricut transfer tape
  • Cricut basic tool set
  • Water bottle


  1. You can customize your project size by clicking customize button in the bottom right of the project screen. Hit "Make It" to make the project as is.
  2. Add the patterned vinyl to the mat. Follow prompts in Design Space.
  3. Select vinyl material and hit the Cricut "Go" button.
  4. Then cut the colored vinyl cuts. Remember the mat color will match what material you should put on the mat.
  5. Once the cut is done, weed negative space around cuts from the cut designs.
  6. Follow the application instructions for Cricut vinyl to apply the vinyl cuts to the water bottle using Cricut transfer tape.

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