Joy Sloth Graduation Card

Joy Sloth Graduation Card

by Cricut |

Item # 042188731P403
Beginner Under 1 Hour
  • Cricut Joy Machine
  • Cricut Joy Card Mat
  • Cricut Joy Tool Kit
  • Cricut Joy Insert Card Set- Sensei

  1. Go to this project on Cricut Design Space to make this-
  2. Design Space Link

  3. Preparation
  4. Place card on Cricut Joy™ Card Mat. 
  5. TIP: If you have never used Cricut Joy™ Card Mat before, check out this link -
  6. Cut.
  7. Insert Cricut Joy™ Blade when prompted to cut the images from the card.
  8. Then below project copies, by Type, select Insert Card.
  9. Hit continue in the bottom right corner to continue the cut.
  10. Select "Your Joy Machine" from Connect Machine. Select Cricut device drop down if you're connected via Bluetooth.
  11. Select Insert Card for your material.
  12. Click go on the screen to start cut.
  13. Once cut is finished, hit unload.

  14. Assemble
  15. Insert the coordinating card insert into the corner cuts one at a time until all corners are aligned and the insert lays flat inside the card.
  16. Write a message & enjoy!

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