Make UV Resin Jewelry and Letters

Make UV Resin Jewelry and Letters

by JOANN |

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Beginner 1-2 Hours
  • Silicon jewelry molds
  • Silicon letter molds
  • Metal necklace frames
  • Transparent/opaque dyes
  • Beads, glitter, dried florals
  • UV Resin
  • LED dryer lamp
  • Resin tools – tweezers, pouring cups, stir stick, protective gloves, drop cloth, silicon mat
  • Jewelry findings, jump rings, 18" necklace chain, earring hooks
  • Needle nose pliers

  1. Place silicon molds on a level surface. Place metal necklace frames flat and level on a silicon mat. Use a drop cloth as well to protect your work area, and wear protective gloves.

  2. Put a very thin layer of UV resin along the bottom of the mold and metal necklace frames. Add beads, florals, dye, or glitter as desired. Use tweezers to move and place the beads in the resin before it dries.

  3. Use the LED dryer lamp to dry each of the molds/metal necklace frames for about 90-180 seconds.
  4. Allow the resin to sit for several minutes before removing from the mold or separating from the silicon mat.

  5. For necklaces, use needle nose pliers to attach a small jump ring and then attach to an 18" necklace chain.
  6. For earrings, attach a small jump ring then attach to earring hooks.

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