Pearl and Flower Headband

Pearl and Flower Headband

Item # 26913744P3
Beginner 3-5 Hours


  • 1 Black medium width headband
  • 2 pkgs Hildie & Jo beige flowers
  • 2 pkgs Medium-sized pearls
  • 1 pkg Mixed-sized pearls and crystals
  • 1 tube of Alene's Strong clear adhesive


  1. Arrange the felt flowers on the headband in an evenly spaced design. Glue them in place and let them dry.
  2. Starting on one side of the headband, glue the felt beige flower with pearls and then glue the large pearls in between the flowers. Let it dry.
  3. Glue the crystals and smaller pearls evenly around the big pearls that are not in the flowers. Let them dry before continuing on the other side.

JOANN Hacks:

  • Prop the headband upright while gluing a small area so that the beads won't slide or roll off.
  • Let it dry between gluing different sections of the headband.

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