Winnie the Pooh Nursery

Winnie the Pooh Nursery

by JOANN |

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Intermediate Varies


  • Pouf
  • 1 1/2yd fleece
  • 5lbs Polyfil® (more might be needed depending on preferred firmness)
  • Basic sewing supplies

  • Play Mat
  • 1yd main fabric
  • 1yd backing
  • 1 1/2yd binding
  • 1yd heavyweight batting

  • Crib Sheet
  • 2yds crib fabric
  • 1/4" elastic, 1 pkg

  • 16"x 8" & 14" Square Pillow
  • 1yd Winnie the Pooh fabric
  • 1yd coordinating Winnie the Pooh fabric for binding
  • 14"x 14" pillow form
  • Filler cord for piping, 1 pkg
  • Polyfil, 1 pkg
  • Basic sewing supplies

DIRECTIONS: (1/2" seam allowance)

  1. Pouf
  2. Cut (2) 21" circles from fleece.
  3. For the side, cut (1) 17"x width of fabric and (1) 17"x 6-8" (to measure 66" when the two pieces are sewn together.)
  4. Sew the side pieces together to form tube leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.
  5. With RST, pin and sew the side to the top of pouf.
  6. With RST, pin and sew the bottom of the pouf to the side.
  7. Turn and stuff.

  8. Play Mat
  9. Cut 34" circle from main fabric, backing and batting.
  10. Layer backing, with right side towards table, batting, and main fabric wrong side down.
  11. Pin and baste raw edges.
  12. Pin center and quilt as desired.
  13. For the binding, open fabric and lay flat. Cut strips 8" wide (cut on the bias). You need enough strips to measure 4yds.
  14. Sew strips together.
  15. Fold and press binding in half lengthwise.
  16. Fold both long edges into center and press.
  17. Pin binding over edge of mat covering the mat 2" all around outside.
  18. Sew along the edge of binding.

  19. Crib Sheet
  20. Lay out fabric flat on table.
  21. The selvage will not be cut off. It will not be seen in the folds.
  22. Cut out an 8" square all 4 corners.
  23. Start with one of the corners, fold the fabric so that the printed sides of your fabric is touching, and stitch 1/4" seam.
  24. Continue with the remaining corners.
  25. Press 1/4" around the outside of crib sheet.
  26. Press again 1/2" around for elastic casing.
  27. Mark with a pin 10" on each side of the corner seams.
  28. Starting and stopping at each pin and leaving a 1" opening (for inserting elastic) stitch around the sheet.
  29. Cut (4) 12" pieces of elastic. (Elastic will be inserted in casing at corners only.)
  30. Starting at one corner, thread the elastic through the corner casing opening.
  31. Pin in place and stitch over ends to secure.
  32. Stitch opening closed at corners.

  33. Pillows
  34. 16"x 8" Pillow
  35. Cut (2) 17"x 9" for front and back of pillow.
  36. Cut 2" strips for piping to measure 1 1/2"yds when short ends are sewn together.
  37. Make piping and sew to front of pillow.
  38. With RST, stitch front to back leaving an opening for stuffing.
  39. Turn and stuff.
  40. Sew opening closed.
  41. 14" Square Pillow
  42. Cut (1) 15"x 15" square and (2) 10"x 15" rectangles for back.
  43. Cut 2" strips for piping to measure 2yds when short ends are sewn together.
  44. Make piping and sew to front of pillow.
  45. Hem one long edge of both of the back rectangles. Fold 1/4" under and press and fold 1/4" again press and sew.
  46. With RST, pin back pieces to front overlapping pieces in center.
  47. Stitch around outside edge.
  48. Turn and insert pillow.

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